PPT was founded in 1979 as a post tension company.

Since then we have maintained our membership and certification with the Post Tension Institute. Our certified plant complies with the Institute's quality control measures and is the only certified post tension plant in North Louisiana. We are certified as a manufacturer and fabricator of post tension cable. Our certifications ensure that the cables installed in your project will perform to the required strengths and engineered standards. www.post-tensioning.org

PPT offers three options for post tension sales:

Project Install

PPT will fabricate the cables to your specific project and install the cables per plans. This division handles all the materials and equipment needed to install and stress cables. All you have to do is call and schedule the cables for install and we will take care of the rest!

Cut and Tag

What if I am a contractor and want to install my own cables? Or What if I have a large project in another state? PPT offers Cut and Tag services for commercial projects. We can ship all the cables and components needed to any location for commercial installation by others. Send our office your project plans for specific material take off and quote.

Bulk Sales

PPT offers post tension cable for bulk sell to other Post Tension Fabricators. We can ship cable anywhere and we offer shipping on all cable components. We also offer our bulk customers custom color choices for their cable.