Residential and Commercial Foundation Plans

PPT offers drafting services to design foundation plans for residential and commercial foundations. We also design pools and other custom projects and work with both homeowners and contractors. All plans are stamped by a certified engineer and include two inspections by a certified inspector.

In order to design the best plan, we may require a soil boring test and report. A soil boring determines the quality of soil on which your foundation will be placed. We can order this test for you or work with one you already have. All soil boring tests are performed by a third party Geotechnical Engineer and include a detailed report of soil conditions. The results are imperative to determine the details of the foundation design, i.e. piers, quantity of post tension, and depth of grade beams.

PPT designs and travels to projects in the surrounding Ark-La-Tex area. Foundation plans are priced by square feet and location, and can be emailed or mailed for customer convenience. Call us today or email your architectural plans to to get your foundation plans started.

Have your foundation plan already? Great, send us a copy and we can work from it as well.